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Hoshogami - Sword Cleaning Paper
Hoshogami - Sword Cleaning Paper
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True Japanese swords, shinken, need to be carefully maintained. Made of high carbon steel, they are subject to rust and age if not properly cared for. With proper care though, they can last thousands of years. This fine rice paper is specially selected for cleaning swords. It won't scratch or mar the surface of the sword. This is the traditionally preferred material for wiping down a sword.  Each packet contains 2 sheets of handmade cleaning paper, roughly 44 cm x 25 cm each.
Shinken - Kozuka blade
Shinken - Kozuka blade
Our Price: $229.00

Swords in Japan often had tools attached in a side pocket of the saya.  This kozuka blade is a modern example.  Hand forged by Kawahara Sadachika in Shiga, Japan.  Kozuka blades were used as general tool knives in sorts of situations.  This blade was hand forged and polished in exactly the same way Kawahara Sensei forges traditional katana.  It is an excellent example of his traditional craftsmanship.

Approximately 20.5 cm total length.