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Katsujinken Magazine Volume 5
Katsujinken Magazine Volume 5
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Katsujinken Magazine is the premier magazine devoted to the classical sword arts.  Usually focusing on the Japanese sword arts, volume 5 focuses on the sword arts of Europe.  This issue has articles on the weapons and techniques of the sword from Roman Empire to the Vikings to dueling.  With articles about all of these, as well as information about where these arts are taught today, this issue has something for everyone interested in the sword arts.  


1. The Macedonian Wars: The Roman Gladius vs. the Sarissa by Erich Anderson

2. When East Meets West, part 1: Brian Stokes

3. Argument of the Stick, Irish Stick Fighting: Maxime Chouinard

4. Behind the Cover, Photo by Gioacchino Sparrone and write up on The Three Knights, Claudio Canepa

5. Armizare: The Knightly Fighting Art of Medieval Italy: Gregory Mele

6. Swordsurfing: Marcus Hampel

7. The Illustraded Guide to Viking Martial Arts: Antony Cummins

8. Maestro Martino's Red Chickpea Soup: as interpreted by Ruth Frey

9. Making a Foil Grip: Chris Treichal

10. Freelance Academy Press interview with Katsujinken's Editor in Chief

11. Training schools, including spotlight on the Virginia Academy of Fencing.

12. Halstern Amour Fit for a Deed of Chivalry.

13. The Pedagogical Skill of Andre Lignitzer, a 15th Century Fencing Master. by Keith Farrell, Managing Director Triquetra Services (Scotland)

14. The Saber’s Many Travels (The Origins of the Cross-Cutting Art). Bartosz Sieniawski and Janusz Sieniawski
Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts and Applications
Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts and Applications
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This book represents an international gathering of friends who happen to be highly qualified martial arts scholars and practitioners. We have come together in celebration of the more than 20 years the Journal of Asian Martial Arts inspired scholarship in this field to higher academic standards while encouraging all aspects of of responsible practice. Each article was written specifically for this banquet, with topics representing the rich variety found in the asiam martial traditions. But, what's a party without guests? You, the reader, are a special guest and a part of this celebration!
Intrinsic Values Of The Japanese Sword
Intrinsic Values Of The Japanese Sword
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The famed samurai sword (nihonto) represents the pinnacle of bladed weaponry in the Japanese warrior’s arsenal. This book addresses the sword’s intrinsic historic, monetary, military, and artistic values.The seven chapters for this particular anthology were selected from materials published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.
Hiden Magazine April 2014 Gaijin Doing Budo In Japan
Hiden Magazine April 2014 Gaijin Doing Budo In Japan
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Special sale price -- while supplies last!

This special edition of HIDEN Magazine features articles and photos about non-Japanese studying budo in Japan, as well as interviews with several notable non-Japanese who have achieved the level of teachers in various styles. People featured include Kent Sorenson of Toda-Ha Buko Ryu, Richard William Heselton of the Nihon Karatedo Kyokai, Markus Fischer of Meifu Shinkage Ryu and Aikikai Aikido, There is an interview with Micheal Reinhardt of Katori Shinto Ryu, Lance Gatling of Kodokan Judo and Nihonden Jujutsu, Sandro Furzi of Tennen Rishin Ryu and Kodokan Judo, There is a wonderful article looking at the life and achievements of Donn Draeger, In addition there are many other articles about budo in Japan.

Large format magazine. 141 pages. Japanese language.
Katsujinken 6
Katsujinken 6
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Katsujinken Magazine is the premier magazine devoted to the classical Japanese sword arts.  Volume 6 looks at the arts of sword and those around it.  It includes articles on sword smithing, the swordsman who founded the modern Japanese police force in the 19th century, temari, and other topics.


Page 6: About the Cover, Kent Jensen

Page 7:  Editors Message, Jason Hatcher

Page 8:  A touch of Japanese Culture, Mina Tokuda

Page 11: The Sword of Kawaji Toshiyoshi, Kent Jensen

Page 14: Setsudan Mei Katana,  Mike Yamasaki

Page 18:  Spiritual Sword of Wudang, Hanade Abualburak

Page 23: Swordfest 2013 Pictorial, Eric Petterson and Fred McLaren

Page 29: Spirit of the Sword, Book Review, Jason Hatcher

Page 32: Pull out Baltimore Sword Show Poster

Page 35:  A Few Words about the Japanese Tsuba, Arkadiusz  Kultucki

Page 38 / 39:  Menkyo and Menkyo Kaiden

Page 40: Remembering Moments in Katsujinken History

Page 41: Guide to Artisitc Renditions in this Edition.

Page 42: Release Your Warrior Spirit, Mike Femal

Page 44: Zones of Attack in Persian Swordsmanship, Dr. Khorasani

Page 52:  Welcome to Leather Tsuba, Thomas Bengston

Page 54: Longpoint Competition Results

Page 56:  Falchions and the Maciejowski Bible, Erich B. Anderson

Page 59: Part Two and Completion of the Yoshihara Tradition, Paul Martin
Musings Of A Budo Bum   SIGNED COPY
Musings Of A Budo Bum SIGNED COPY
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"The techniques are really a vessel for carrying all the things that are budo..." Most books about martial arts (budo) focus on techniques, although some tell the history, and a few wax philosophical. It is rare indeed to discover a book that so fluently combines all this within the broader context of culture and lifestyle, and does so in such a humble, engaging, and accessible way. "Budo Bum Anthology" is a book that answers not so much "how" or "what" as it does "why?" Why call budo teachers "sensei"? Why do we bow? Why kata? Why keep training? Peter Boylan, aka the Budo Bum, has achieved high rank in several martial arts — judo, iaido, jodo, and more—spending decades immersed within budo, straddling the worlds and cultures of Japan and America, and translating between them. In these essays, the reader is invited to walk alongside a quiet man who thinks deeply about the worlds in which budo was created and is practiced, and who brings the meaning of "all the things that are budo" into our daily lives.

Getting Started
Do you have to study in Japan to understand budo?
Etiquette: Form and sincerity in budo
Sensei, Kyoshi, Hanshi, and Shihan: budo titles and how (not) to use them
Different ranks in martial arts?
Do versus Jutsu
What kata isn’t
Trust in the dojo
Training, motivation, and counting training time in decades instead of years
The most effective martial art
The dojo as the world: learning to deal with violence and power
Budo and responsibility
Investing in failure
The spirit of learning
Training hard and training well are not the same thing
When it comes to training, fast is slow and slow is fast
Getting out of the comfort zone
There are no advanced techniques
The most essential principles in budo: Structure
The most essential principles in budo: Spacing
The most essential principles in budo: Timing
The only things I teach are how to walk and how to breathe
Budo expectations and realities: understanding the limits of what we study
Will budo training make me a better person?
Budo as a “professional skill” and professionalism in budo
Budo training and budo philosophy
How to adapt an art form to fit you
Is kata too rigid and mechanical?

166 Pages. Softcover. English Language.

Women And Asian Martial Traditions
Women And Asian Martial Traditions
Our Price: $18.95

This anthology is filled with content specifically selected for readers who have a strong interest in women’s participation in the Asian martial traditions. In addition to combative theory and practice, topics include aspects of theatrical performance, music, dance, gender studies, and insights for embodying philosophical elements into daily life. The twelve chapters that were written by noted authorities will certainly educate and inspire. These focus on the martial traditions of Japan, China, India, Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
SWORD & SPIRIT; Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan vol. 2
SWORD & SPIRIT; Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan vol. 2
Our Price: $19.95

The second of Diane Skoss's excellent books about the classical martial arts of Japan's pre-modern eras, this is a must-have anyone interested in Japanese martial arts. It includes a translation of the Ninety-Nine Precepts of the Takeda Family, and interview with the head of Negishi Ryu, a discussion of kata and training in traditional bugei by Karl Friday, professor of Japanese military history at the University of Georgia, among other excellet articles and an expanded Field Guide to Classical Japanese Martial Arts.
English Language. 190 pages.
Illuminated Spirit
Illuminated Spirit
Our Price: $19.95

There's much more to learning any Japanese martial art than mere movement and combat strategy. Anyone who's ever been in a close relationship with a Japanese master teacher will know that most of the best consider the Japanese budo, first and foremost, to be a way of living. And many of the most important life lessons a teacher has to offer are provided in casual conversations, often outside the dojo. Dan and Jackie DeProspero were extraordinarily fortunate in their association with the late Onuma Hideharu, a master of kyudo. The wealth of Onuma Sensei's lessons has been so profound that they have been inspired to share them with the rest of us in this little book of conversations, Illuminated Spirit.

Ranging from "Inspiration," through "Everyday Life," "On Being Human," and "Work and Responsibility" to the "Mystery of Kyudo" the DeProspero's have recorded Onuma Sensei's reflections in graceful prose; it is the ultimate tribute to an extraordinary teacher. If you have not had the opportunity to partake in this sort of relationship, and you want to truly understand what the Japanese budo are all about, then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this book. There are few substitutes for the real thing, but Illuminated Spirit comes awfully close.
KEIKO SHOKON: Classical Warrior Traditions Of Japan
KEIKO SHOKON: Classical Warrior Traditions Of Japan
Our Price: $21.95

Keiko Shokon translates as "Reflecting deeply on the past, illuminate the present." In this, the 3rd volume in Diane Skoss's remarkable series "Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan" she does this beautifully. This volume includes Karl Friday's masterful translation of the Neko No Myoyujtsu one of my favorite parables of ancient Japan concerning the warrior. There is a wonderful interview with Nitta Suzuyo, head of Toda-ha Buko Ryu. William Bodiford has contributed an article which should put to rest the use and abuse of the term "soke" in the west, and George H. Bristol, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC has provided a rather modern practical consideration of koryu budo in his essay The Professional Perspective: Thoughts on the Koryu Bujutsu from a United States Marine. Other contributors include Ellis Amdur, Meik Skoss, Dave Lowry, Quintin Chambers, Liam Keeley and Ron Beaubien. This book is one that anyone who considers themselves serious about understanding the nature and history of Japanese budo, ancient or modern, must have and read and reread.
207 pages. English Language. Softcover. Numerous photographs.