Mugendo Budogu LLC
Equip, inform, educate.

Mugendo Budogu, LLC was founded by lifetime friends and martial arts practitioners Peter Boylan and Paul La Vigne in 1998 to provide martial artists practicing outside Japan with the same, fine quality equipment that is available to martial artists inside Japan. At the end of 2011 Paul sold his shares of the company to Peter, and is now enjoying other life adventures.

In early 2012, Chuck and Emily Gordon, students of jujutsu, jodo and iaido, joined Peter in the Mugendo family and brought more than half a century of experience in budo to the table.

We can source products at a lower cost than many other suppliers. We have also developed unique relationships with individual craftsman, like the swordsmith Kawahara Sadachika Sensei, who don't work for mass production companies that churn out the product you will find at most suppliers. This means that particular item that you have been looking for, but can't find anywhere else, is often available through one of the master craftsman we know.

We only sell the finest quality martial arts equipment. Much of it is the same equipment we use in our own training. The iaito on our sword page is the same one our people in Japan have been using for years, that's how we know it's worth the price.

The same goes for everything else in our catalog. If we don't use it ourselves, then someone we know and trust does. Often this is one of our teachers. So if you have a complaint about something you bought from us, please let us know, we want to keep you as a valued customer!

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