Mugendo BudoguMugendo Budogu

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This anthology is filled with content specifically selected for readers who have a strong interest in women’s participation in the Asian martial traditions. In addition to combative theory and practice, topics include aspects of theatrical performance, music, dance, gender studies, and insights for embodying philosophical elements into daily life. The twelve chapters that were written by noted authorities will certainly educate and inspire. These focus on the martial traditions of Japan, China, India, Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Limited edition judo artwork created digitally and printed on canvas and stretched onto a wooden frame. Each piece is approx. 51 cm x 38 cm x 3.5 cm.

The artist, B. Christopher Hanlon, showed these prints at Artomatic, a show and sale in Frederick MD earlier this year, and these are the last remaining pieces from that show.

Hanlon is a long-time budo student who has done other similar works focused on other martial arts, and is open to contact for commissioned pieces!
The famed samurai sword (nihonto) represents the pinnacle of bladed weaponry in the Japanese warrior’s arsenal. This book addresses the sword’s intrinsic historic, monetary, military, and artistic values.The seven chapters for this particular anthology were selected from materials published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.