Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu
Obi - Easy-tie
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These iaido obi are made of padded, stitched material throughout their length, except for the last foot on each end. This allows them to be easily tied, and they make a much smaller knot under your hakama than the traditional belts. These have become the most commonly used style of belt among iaido practicioners in Japan because they so easy to use. 370 cm x 6.3 cm (147" by 2.5"). 250 grams

Seigo Okamoto Shihan is the inheritor of Kodo Horikawa's branch of Daito Ryu, and head of the Roppokai Daito Ryu. In this lavishly illustrated volume, Okamoto Shihan presents the techniques of the Roppokai's Daito Ryu. This book is an essential reference for all students of Daito Ryu and Aikido.

214 pages. Hardcover. English and Japanese side by side.
Blue Mount Fuji Sake Cup
Knee Pads - Iaido
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Our friends at Nunobiki Pottery in Shiga Japan create these beautiful sake cups by hand in the traditional manner. Each is hand formed and painted by the master potters Taro Kojima and his son Kazuhiro at their studio in Higashi Omi.

Approximately 5 cm in height.
These knee pads are made with Iaido practitioners in mind!  The wide open back is really comfortable with all the seiza we do.  These are really comfortable, and much better suited to iaido practice than the volleyball pads we used to use.  They come in one size, with adjustable Velcro fasteners to fit just about everyone comfortably.
Tessen, Small - White
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Iaito - Entry Level (Hongashirae) by Meirin Sangyo
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This high-quality tessen is unlike any of the cheap knock-offs you'll find at so many popular martial arts supply sites. Strong iron end-plates and finely crafted bamboo and paper ribs make this a piece of art as well as a functional tessen. Strong enough for kata, lovely enough for display. Lacquered black end-plates,white paper.

Entry Level Hongashirae-style iaito by Meirin Sangyo

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Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts and Applications

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This book represents an international gathering of friends who happen to be highly qualified martial arts scholars and practitioners. We have come together in celebration of the more than 20 years the Journal of Asian Martial Arts inspired scholarship in this field to higher academic standards while encouraging all aspects of of responsible practice. Each article was written specifically for this banquet, with topics representing the rich variety found in the asiam martial traditions. But, what's a party without guests? You, the reader, are a special guest and a part of this celebration!