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Old School by Ellis Amdur Official Aikikai-endorsed hakama
Old School
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Aikikai Hakama
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Ellis Amdur is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable exponents of koryu budo. He spent 13 years training in Japan and is licensed in both Toda Ha Buko-ryu Naginata and Araki-ryu, two of the great, classical styles of budo. In addition he has spent decades training in Aikido, plus he has spent years researching all aspects of koryu budo. The 10 essays collected in this book cover all aspects of classical budo.

This new edition is a hugely expanded version of the original book, with 6 new essays and a new forward for the second edition. Ellis has expanded and added to the volume with knowledge gained in the 13 years since the first edition was published, making this a must have book even for those who own the first addition. The new essays add important new dimensions to our understanding of classical Japanese budo.

395 Pages. Softcover. English Language
Official Aikikai-endorsed hakama.