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Weekly Special: 20% off uniform items

We're in Japan through Nov. 10 looking for new products. Unfortunately, we CANNOT process orders at this time, but we're offering our customers deep discounts on select items.

This week, use coupon code UNI1014 to get your 20% discount on all keikogi, hakama, judogi, karategi, obi and more!

Student-grade hakama
Hakama - Student grade
Our Price: $64.00
Keikogi - Student Grade
Our Price: $66.00
100% indigo cotton hakama.  These hakama are made of very light-weight, inexpensive material for beginning students in kendo and other arts that call for hakama.  Great for beginning students.

To measure yourself for a hakama, we recommend you measure from the top of your belt to the top of your ankle.  We find this measurement gives the best fit.
This keikogi is great for beginning students, not too expensive, but strong and durable.  It is made of heavy cotton for a long life.