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Intrinsic Values Of The Japanese Sword
Our Price: $12.95

The famed samurai sword (nihonto) represents the pinnacle of bladed weaponry in the Japanese warrior’s arsenal. This book addresses the sword’s intrinsic historic, monetary, military, and artistic values.The seven chapters for this particular anthology were selected from materials published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.
Women And Asian Martial Traditions
Our Price: $18.95

This anthology is filled with content specifically selected for readers who have a strong interest in women’s participation in the Asian martial traditions. In addition to combative theory and practice, topics include aspects of theatrical performance, music, dance, gender studies, and insights for embodying philosophical elements into daily life. The twelve chapters that were written by noted authorities will certainly educate and inspire. These focus on the martial traditions of Japan, China, India, Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Obi - Easy-tie Obi
Our Price: $23.00

These iaido obi are made of padded, stitched material throughout their
length, except for the last foot on each end. This allows them to be
easily tied, and they make a much smaller knot under your hakama than
the traditional belts. These have become the most commonly used style of
belt among iaido practicioners in Japan because they so easy to use.
370 cm x 6.3 cm (147" by 2.5"). 250 grams
Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu by Shiigi Munenori
Our Price: $24.50

This book is by Munenori Shiigi, a remarkable teacher of Japanese martial arts. A 7th dan in Kodokan Judo, he learned his family art of Shinto RIkugo Ryu jujutsu as well as Katori Shinto Ryu from his father, and later earned a kyoshi license in the main line of Katori Shinto Ryu from Otake Risuke. Here he presents his family's line of Katori Shinto Ryu from his father Shiigi Keibun. Their family has been connected with the Katori and Kashima Shrines for centuries. The Shiigi family has a remarkable and unique relationship with Japanese oldest budo systems. In this exceptional book Shiigi Sensei shares some of that with us. Profusely illustrated, this book shows Katori Shinto Ryu iai, kenjutus, bojutsu, naginata, ryoto, kodachi, sojutsu (spear), kaiken, as well as some iai from Takeuchi Ryu and some Kashima Shinto Ryu bojutsu that has become attached to the Shiigi family line. Also included are teaching poems from the family tradition.

175 pages. Soft cover. Japanese language with English Language supplement.
Okamoto Seigo: Aiki Decided In An Instant Daito Ryu
Okamoto Seigo: Aiki Decided In An Instant Daito Ryu
Our Price: $25.00

Seigo Okamoto Sensei was the founder of the Daito Ryu Roppokai. A student of Horikawa Kodo Sensei, he among the finest practitioners of Daito Ryu. This book collects detailed photographs of techniques with interviews and explanations from magazine articles and interviews done by Okamoto Sensei.

Table of Contents
Section 1
4 Seigo Okamoto's Techniques - Basics to Applications
10 Aikiage Sage
12 Ryote Mae Otoshi
14 Ryote Mune Tsukami
16 Kashiwa Te Kote Gaeshi
20 Aiki Seme
22 Soto Te Tsukami Koshi Seme
24 Tegatana Nage
26 Ryote Gamen Uchi
28 Morote Dori Nage
30 Aiki Koshi Nage
32 Kata Aiki Zenpo Nage
34 Ushiro Ryote Zenpo Nage
36 Two Man Morte Zenpo Otoshi
38 Bo - Aiki Zenpo Nage
40 Aiki Kata Ashi Nage
42 Aiki Principles Done Wth Bo
44 Touch Aiki Principles

Section 2
48 Technical Principles

Section 3
60 Aiki At The First Touch

Section 4
74 Footprints
History of Okamoto Sensei

Section 5
86 Interview with Okamoto Sensei's Students

Section 6
94 Techniques Seen Through High Speed Camera
97 Two Circle Movement
99 Straight Down Kuzushi Through Aiki Sage
100 Kashiwa Te Kote Gaeshi
104 Touch Aiki - Kiri Sage
105 Touch Aiki - Nade Age
110 Ushiro Dori

Section 7
136 Okamoto Sensei and Great Budoka

Section 8
158 Return to Aikiage From Circle to Point

Section 9
172 Interview with Okamoto Sensei

186 Pages. Soft cover. Japanese Language
Ideology Of the Sword: A Spiritual History of Japanese Culture
Our Price: $25.99

The history and culture of the Japanese sword stretches back more than a thousand years. In this excellent volume from the Nippon Budokan discover the rich mix of mythology, legend and philosophy that enshroud the Japanese sword. Author Toshinobu Sakai leads us through the history of these ideas beginning in ancient China and coming all the way to the present. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the history, legends and philosophy of Japanese swords

267 pages. Soft Cover. English Language

Strategy and The Art of Peace Katori Shinto Ryu
Strategy And The Art Of Peace: Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto Ryu
Our Price: $25.99

Dating back more than 600 years, Tenshinsho-Den Katori Shinto Ryu is one of the oldest martial arts in existence. Head teacher, Otake Risuke Shihan here explains many of the elements and previously secret elements that combine to make this powerful art. The main sections of the book are

Our History
Technical Curriculum
Strategic Curriculum

At 265 pages, this is a unique look in to one of the great budo of Japan and a worthwhile book for anyone serious about Japanese budo.

265 pages. Soft Cover. English Language.

Iaido Koza was written by Ishido Shizufumi details basic and advanced points of each of the All Japan Kendo Federation Seitei Iai kata. Each kata is addressed carefully, both as a solo practice, and many include exercises for practicing alone or with a pa
Iaido Koza Iaido Advanced Course - All Japan Kendo Federation Seitei Iai
Our Price: $26.00

Iaido Koza was written by Ishido Shizufumi (8th dan Hanshi) details basic and advanced points of each of the All Japan Kendo Federation Seitei Iai kata. Each kata is addressed carefully, both as a solo practice, and many include exercises for practicing alone or with a partner to improve understand and execution of the kata. There are multiple photos on nearly every page that detail and demonstrate the lessons and points clearly and effectively.

1 Introduction
12 Cutting your target and hitting your target
14 Where is the monouchi of the katana
15 Changing your grip based on the weapon
18 Even with one hand, 100% kirite is possible
20 Thinking about the write way to hold the sword
22 Understanding why hiding the koiguchi isn't correct
24 Be well versed in the movement of te no uchi
26 The 6 inch difference between two handed and single handed
29 5 kamae
36 Seiza No Bu "Mae"
40 The Nukitsuke movment
43 Sayabiki, and way we to left hanmi
44 1 sword of nukitsuke
48 Seiza No Bu "Ushiro"
52 Anyone can stand up from in front of a small table, so....
56 SEIZA NO BU "Ukenagashi"
60 It's not difficult to draw at the targert
64 The interval and distance of Ukenagashi
66 IAI HIZA NO BU "Tsukaate"
70 Learning Iaihiza
74 The Importance Of Maai
78 TACHIWAZA NO BU "Kesagiri"
82 The maai for the kiriage in Kesagiri
86 If you understand how people defend themselves, you'll see a hint to how to use techniques
89 Uke - Flow - Drawing - Rising
94 Learn from living, Noto and Tsuki
100 Understanding 1 sun (3cm)
104 Standing width
108 Understand yokote meeting offense and defense, and you understand the kissaki without noise.
110 Inspecting your practice method
116 TACHIWAZA NO BU "Morote Giri"
120 Concerning the axis foot
124 TACHIWAZA NO BU "Sanpo Giri"
128 Using the left foot
134 Moving your center of gravity
138 TACHIWAZA NO BU 8 "Gamen Ate"
143 Be sure to strike between the eyes
146 The sword track
150 TACHIWAZA NO BU 9 "Soete Tsuki"
154 If you know how to move your feet, your motion will be smooth
158 TACHIWAZA NO BU 10 "Shiho Giri"
164 The experience of tsuka ate
167 The foot movement
170 While taking waki gamae
172 TACHIWAZA NO BU 11 "Sogiri"
178 What's the proper way to cut down to the solar plexus
183 TACHIWAZA NO BU "Nuki Uchi"
186 Being careful doing nukiage
189 Grading points for All Japan Kendo Federation

Mrs Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful
Our Price: $29.95

This is the story of one of the great martial artists of the 20th century. Mrs. Judo is the story of Keiko Fukuda, the last student of Kodokan Judo founder Jigoro Kano and the first women to be awarded 10th dan in judo. This documentary is her story, from Tokyo in the 1930s where she started judo to America and her journey through the traditional world of judo. In a time when women just didn't, she was invited to study judo by Jigoro Kano himself.

Fukuda Sensei trained at the Kodokan and rose to the rank of 5th dan, the highest rank then awarded to a woman. Following a trip to the US to teach judo, she was invited to stay permanently. She remained in the US, teaching judo and perfecting her own technique, inspiring generations of students to master judo.

DKB Sword bag
Our Price: $35.00

Gorgeous handmade fukuro designed to protect your katana. We have a couple of patterns in stock, and custom work can be negotiated. Please inquire for more info.