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Mrs Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful
Our Price: $29.95

This is the story of one of the great martial artists of the 20th century. Mrs. Judo is the story of Keiko Fukuda, the last student of Kodokan Judo founder Jigoro Kano and the first women to be awarded 10th dan in judo. This documentary is her story, from Tokyo in the 1930s where she started judo to America and her journey through the traditional world of judo. In a time when women just didn't, she was invited to study judo by Jigoro Kano himself.

Fukuda Sensei trained at the Kodokan and rose to the rank of 5th dan, the highest rank then awarded to a woman. Following a trip to the US to teach judo, she was invited to stay permanently. She remained in the US, teaching judo and perfecting her own technique, inspiring generations of students to master judo.

Ukemi: From the Ground Up
Our Price: $36.00

This DVD offers a step-by-step procedure to learn and/or instruct safe aikido ukemi. Whether entirely new to the art, or desiring to retool oneĆ¼fs skills, the methods here will enable any reasonably fit practitioner to be able to take falls in aikido (and other similar arms-length grappling systems) safely. The methods here are definitely not merely to assist in learning how to collude with the person executing the technique these methods enable one to be prepared and able to gracefully manage both the malevolent and the inept as well as skilled practitioner executing ordinary technique.
80 minutes. NTSC. English Language. DVD-R.

NOTE: Please be sure your equipment can read DVD-R format DVDs before ordering.
Introduction To Japanese Swordsmith
Our Price: $39.95

The Japanese sword is one of the greatest steel works of art the world has ever known.  For over a thousand years people have marvelled at the efficiency and beauty of Japanese swords and the skill of the men who make them.  In this DVD watch, Japanese sword researcher Paul Martin as he is guided through the swordmaking process by swordsmith Ozawa Shigenori as he works to produce a traditional kogatana using the traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmiths.

Contents include:
* Forming the block
* The folding process
* Forming the blade
* Clay application
* The quenching process

30 Minutes.  All region NTSC DVD. Japanese and English languages.
Tatsumi Ryu Iai
Our Price: $45.00

Tastumi Ryu is one of the oldest of the surviving ryuha, dating back to the mid 1500s. One of the most complete of the sogo bujutsu, Tastumi Ryu teaches kenjutsu using odachi, kodachi, nito, iai, jujutsu, spear, bo, shuriken, and other weapons. The video contains jujutsu, iai and kenjutsu. 33 minutes.
Seiden Okinawa Goju Ryu
Our Price: $45.00

Kai Kuniyuki Taishin was a direct student of Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju Ryu Karatedo. In this DVD he demonstrates all 12 of the fundamental kata of Goju Ryu Karatedo. These include Sanchin, Gekisai 1, Gekisai 2, Saifa, Seiyunchin, Shisochin, Sanseeru, Seppai, Kururunfa, Sessan, Suparinpei, Tensho. In addition, he explains in greater detail Gekisai 1 and 2.

30 minutes. All Regions NTSC DVD. Japanese Language.
Kendo: Meijn No Waza
Our Price: $49.50

The final matches from the Meiji Mura Kendo Championships for 16 years!

Showa No Kengo
Our Price: $49.95

Showa No Kengo is a rare collection of footage from the early 20th century showing some of the most influential figures in the world of modern Japanese swordsmanship. It includes:

* Mochida Seiji and Nakano Yasoji
* Mori Torao as a young man
* Yuno Masanori and Kasahara Toshiaki, as well as Chichii Yoshihiro and Takano Magojiro , filmed in practice
* Nakakura Kiyosyi|* Nihon Budokan 50th Anniversery Tai matches with 8th dans Ibo Sheiji, Morishima Takeo, Okuyama Kyosuke, and Nishi Yoshinobu.

Japanese Language. Region 2(Japan and Europe) DVD.
Mugen No Kyokyu Ryoku
Our Price: $49.95

Sunadomori Kanshu trained under Aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei. He trained in Aikibudo under Ueshiba, and received a 9th dan in Aikido in 1961. In 1969, following the death of Ueshiba, Sunadomori Sensei founded his own organization to spread Aikido. Their website is href="http://www.aikimanseido.com">here.
|On this DVD he covers 3 person randori unarmed and with bokken and other weapons, jiyuwaza, jo waza, 2 person randori, and 2 person randori with weapons.
79 minutes. All region DVD, NTSC. Japanese language only.
The 46th All Japan Aikido Embu Taikai
Our Price: $49.95

On May 24th, 2008, 54 top Aikido teacher came together to celebrate Aikido and demonstrate their art.  Among the demonstrators are Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, and his son Mitsuteru Ueshiba.  This is an unrivaled set of Aikido demonstrations.  The DVD is 145 minutes long.