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Fukuro - Cloth for 1 to 3 Shinai
Our Price: $5.75

Traditional cloth fukuro for holding shinai.  The top is sewn shut with access on the side so shinai don't fall out.  These are very common in kendo dojo around Japan.  Available in 1, 2, and 3 shinai sizes.
Tsubadome for Shinai
Our Price: $9.00

Set of 10 tsuba dome for holding tsuba on kendo shinai.
Fukuro - Nunchaku Model
Our Price: $19.00

Made to hold a pair of nunchaku snugly, with convenient drawstring closure.
Fukuro - Cloth 1 Naginata Model
Our Price: $20.00

This fukuro simply and neatly holds one naginata for storage and transportation.
Fukuro - Canvas 1 Jo Model
Our Price: $21.00

Traditional canvas storage bag for 1 jo.
Fukuro - Canvas 1 Bo Model
Our Price: $22.00

This sturdy canvas bag is sized just for a bo.  Perfect for preventing your bo from getting nicked up outside of practice.
Fukuro - 1 Sai Model
Our Price: $27.00

Made specifically to carry sai, with convenient drawstring closure.  Perfect for carrying sai to practice without drawing unnecessary attention.
Fukuro - 1 Tonfa Model
Our Price: $27.00

This bag is cut to fit most tonfa, so you can carry them to practice discreetly.
Fukuro - Canvas 2+ Shinai Model
Our Price: $28.00

This shinai carrying case is made of heavy duty canvas and comes in two models, for holding 2 or 3 shinai comfortably.  It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and the top locks down with twin closures.