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Dueling with O-sensei
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Updated, rewritten and hugely expanded with 8 new chapters!!

Ellis Amdur takes an unflinching look at many of the ideas and myths that can be heard in modern budo dojos. With a background of some 30 years of training Aikido, 13 of which were in Japan, plus years as a crisis intervention specialist and a social worker, Amdur can talk about the most difficult and troubling questions of budo not as theory, but as problems he has had to deal with and find resolutions for. From the airy ideal of katsujinken, the sword that gives life, to the sometimes brutal fact of abuse within the dojo, to the love and honor of his teacher Kuwamori Yasunori. I can think of no book that looks so realistically at the "philosophy" that people often discuss over beer after practice. This is one of the few books that I really feel everyone who thinks of themselves as a martial artist should read. His essay on satsujin and katsujin is one of the most thought provoking I have ever read. 346 pages. Paperback. English Language.
Limited edition judo artwork created digitally and printed on canvas and stretched onto a wooden frame. Each piece is approx. 51 cm x 38 cm x 3.5 cm.

The artist, B. Christopher Hanlon, showed these prints at Artomatic, a show and sale in Frederick MD earlier this year, and these are the last remaining pieces from that show.

Hanlon is a long-time budo student who has done other similar works focused on other martial arts, and is open to contact for commissioned pieces!