Student-grade hakama
Asian Martial Arts - Constructive Thoughts and Applications
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Hakama - Student grade
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This book represents an international gathering of friends who happen to be highly qualified martial arts scholars and practitioners. We have come together in celebration of the more than 20 years the Journal of Asian Martial Arts inspired scholarship in this field to higher academic standards while encouraging all aspects of of responsible practice. Each article was written specifically for this banquet, with topics representing the rich variety found in the asiam martial traditions. But, what's a party without guests? You, the reader, are a special guest and a part of this celebration! 100% indigo cotton hakama.  These hakama are made of very light-weight, inexpensive material for beginning students in kendo and other arts that call for hakama.  Great for beginning students.

To measure yourself for a hakama, we recommend you measure from the top of your belt to the top of your ankle.  We find this measurement gives the best fit.
Keikogi - Student Grade
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Good quality tabi really suitable for training purposes are almost impossible to find. We are really pleased to be able to offer these finely made tabi with suede soles. They are great for training kenjutsu, assorted weapons, or taijutsu like Aikido. The suede soles provide good traction without the stickness of rubber, and they are soft enough to wear on wood or tatami. Great when training in the unheated dojos in Japan!

Sizes 18cm-25.5cm in half centimeter increments (18.5, 19, 19,5, etc)
Sizes 26cm-29cm in whole centimeter increments
This keikogi is great for beginning students, not too expensive, but strong and durable.  It is made of heavy cotton for a long life.

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Hidden In Plain Sight: Tracing the Roots of Ueshiba Morihei's Power

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Ellis Amdur's writing on martial arts has been groundbreaking. In this volume, Amdur has radically reworked his iconoclastic essays first published on the website of Aikido Journal. Here, he attempts to establish the existence of something all but lost in Japanese martial arts -- a sophisticated type of training, encompassing mental imagery, breath-work, and a variety of physical techniques that offered the practitioner the potential to develop skills sometimes viewed as nearly superhuman. Commonly referred to as "internal training," and usually believed to be the provenance of Chinese martial arts, Amdur asserts that not only was it once common among many Japanese martial traditions, but elements of such training still remain, passed down in a few martial arts -- literally "hidden in plain sight." As always, Amdur reminds us that this is a human endeavor and he provides vivid, even heartbreaking portrayals of some of the great practitioners of these skills, men who devoted their lives to an obsessive pursuit of power.