Mugendo BudoguMugendo Budogu

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The Nippon Budokan put together this wonderful compilation on the history and culture of budo in Japan. Of special interest is a section on each of 30 classical systems.

Chapter 1 The Japanese Martial Arts
Japanese Budo
From Bushido To Budo
The Modernization Of Budo
Why Study Budo
The Attraction Of Budo
The History Of Budo In Schools
Budo's Educational Potential
Nippon Budokan Foundation

Chapter 2 Japanese Kobudo
What is Kobudo?
Thirty Kobudo Schools
Modern Budo

Chapter 4 Budo Promotion, Research and Educational Institutions

335 Page. Hardcover. English Language Book
Bonus DVD
The history and culture of the Japanese sword stretches back more than a thousand years. In this excellent volume from the Nippon Budokan discover the rich mix of mythology, legend and philosophy that enshroud the Japanese sword. Author Toshinobu Sakai leads us through the history of these ideas beginning in ancient China and coming all the way to the present. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the history, legends and philosophy of Japanese swords

267 pages. Soft Cover. English Language